I am deeply honored to be invited to participate again this year as a featured speaker for the 2020 One Legal “Legal Up” Virtual Conference on Advocating for Yourself (March 24-26, 2020). This topic is especially important for women in the workplace since we have yet to achieve pay parity with our male counterparts. I found this fantastic article, Advocating for Yourself at Work with This 3-step Strategy, by Ladies Get Paid founder Claire Wasserman. Here’s her 3-step strategy for advocating for yourself at work and a great reminder to #ownyourpower:

“…here’s a secret that can benefit you: Losing an employee costs companies a lot of money. Like, $500 billion each year. It can also be extremely pricey to replace staff; it’s estimated that it can take 45 days and $24,000 to find someone new. In short: You’re a valuable asset and they don’t want to lose you. Don’t forget it.”

1. Make sure you’re set up for success

2. Build your case

3. Now you’re ready to make the ask

•Pick your timing carefully

•Manage your emotions

•Be proactive

•Agree on a timeline

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