It’s no secret. I LOVE teaching. I’m beyond thrilled that school is back in session. I have an amazing group of students in my Introduction to Law class. Though I love the in-person interaction with my students, it was still awesome to connect with them virtually. We adapt. The most successful people do.

We are all learning together as we navigate through this new normal. Times are changing, impacting the legal profession, and the delivery of legal services and how we work. Students looking to enter the legal arena must be prepared for virtual settings and the ethical considerations thereof. As an instructor, I hope to impart valuable information and resources to my students to equip them for success. It is more important now than ever for paralegal educators to provide practical insight and experiences to students in a remote and work from home environment.

I, along with my co-presenter, Carl Morrison, ACP, CAS, RP, PP, AACP, of The Paralegal Voice podcast, will be presenting on November 6 at the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE) National Conference on Capstone Reboot: A Practical Approach to the New Normal. We hope you will join us for an exciting discussion.