Hello October! This past weekend I received extraordinary news that I was selected as the 2020 California Paralegal of the Year, awarded by the California Alliance of Paralegal Associations and nominated by the San Diego Paralegal Association. This was so heartening for me and a full-circle moment as I have led each organization as its President with the single goal to leave it better than I found it. The work I do for my profession and community to provide access to resources in order to empower and amplify efforts to increase access to justice for all is ever more important as we seek to create a more perfect union and a more fair and just society for all. I am reminded of that each time I think of the shoulders of giants on which I stand to even have the opportunities to shine a light on the very important work of paralegals. #powerofparalegal #makeadifference #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo #passionandpurpose #thislittlelightofmine #shineon